ABOUT ME. Hola! Thanks for spending time to know more about me. I spent my first 20 years in the Southern part of the Philippines. Most people from the North brand our area as a dangerous one. So is it true? Well, the town where I’m from, it’s pretty chaotic. That means, I remember having bomb threats, actual bombing in the city, and robbery/murder/rape would be called as “common things”. But really, don’t make that scare you. People and towns change.. and so has my Hometown. It’s actually a nice feeling when you go back home and see changes for the betterment.

I then spent my next 8 years with my family in Kentucky, USA. This place I now call home. For 8 years, I’ve learned a lot, including working my first Job at age 20. (In the Philippines, most of us don’t work until we finished College, and traditionally, parents pay for school… and weddings too!) I love the quietness of the countryside. This is where I’ve learned to love Country Music, Chicken n’ Dumplings and Biscuits & Gravy. Now I really miss having breakfast in Cracker Barrel. I find the Southern twang really cool. Thanksgiving Celebration would be my favorite Holiday of the year, although I would say that July 4th is really an extravagant one.

And then I got married and am now currently living with my husband in Erlangen, Germany for almost two years. Wow! You just don’t know what life will actually throw at you. Here, it’s like starting from scratch again. Freshly married, new country, new culture, new language! Thanks to our Church family, they have helped us a lot and really captured a place in our hearts. In here, it’s just me and my husband, but they always have our back and supported us so much.

THE BLOG. As the Germans say: Reisen bildet, which is translated as Travel Educates. So I’ll be pretty much talking about Food, Tea, Travels, and some bits of pieces of my life. Bis dann!