One Castle – on Rainy, Foggy, Sunny, and Snowy Days

Neuschwanstein Castle – Perfect Sunny Day. The weather around the Alps could change really quickly. But thank God for a Sunny Day. I got pretty shots of the Neuschwanstein Castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle – Foggy and Rainy. It’s our third day around the Schwangau area and hooray for the Fog. It made the Neuschwanstein Castle look so dreamy. ❤ Well, it rained first, then Fog came along when Sun showed up again. Both photos are taken on the same day (with short time interval) while waiting for the Bus that will take us back to the Train Station.

Neuschwanstein Castle – Snowy Day. These photos were taken on January 2016. That was my first visit of the Neuschwanstein Castle. So please excuse the grains, I was using Sony HX50v at that time, and the zoom was just not enough.

Füssen, Bavaria, Germany. The first time I visited, it felt so dreamy. The Snow, the hot Glühwein, the Lights.. and first time seeing a Castle! It didn’t matter which camera I brought with me, coz I was so busy enjoying the moment and was not worried about taking any pictures. Marienbrücke was closed at that time so no Panorama of the castle, but it didn’t matter! The second time, over a year later, it was Sunny… too much Sun actually! The weather was perfect for walking up and down the hill, and Marienbrücke was opened too. So I got a nice Panorama of the Castle. The Foggy/Rainy day is a sight to behold from the bottom of the hill. The pictures don’t show any justice at all!

So which one would be my favorite? Well, I don’t know! I might go back there during Fall!


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